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Directions for Thursday


Cars for Thursday

Randy (5) - Sam, Sophie, Ricardo, Gareth
William/Mark (5) - Anton,
Ryan - I have one spot on my motorcycle. You'll have to find a helmet and appropriate clothing. I promise an exciting voyage to dinner and back.
Sabetta (5) - Rob (since I live nearby, but could also go with Fred if he's offering :-) ), Sandy (if you don't mind. And Rob, a smily face doesn't also close the bracket, please be more careful next time. ;->), Heiko (if you do not mind, since I live at West Cottages like Rob, and like Rob I could also go with Fred if he is going, but he was not sure yesterday)
Dorothy (5 total) - Pawel + Malgorzata (if you do not mind); we live at West Campus, near to the corner of Storke and El Colegio, Marta
John (5 total) - Rafal
Slobodan (4,or 5 close packed) - Igor, Miha, Simon

Very American Way to Celebrate Fourth of July (Baseball Game & Watermelon & Beer)

Hi all -- some of us, together with my (delightful!) parents who are visiting, are going to watch the National Champions NBC baseball team the Santa Barbara Foresters -- http://sbforesters.org/
The game starts at 430pm, on campus at the Caesar Uylesaka stadium, Quadrant B2 on the campus map here:

which seems designed for homeruns (see quote below)

Tickets are $6 ($3 seniors, $1 children) at the gate.

Anyone who wants to meet up earlier for watermelon etc just drop me a line.*


Wikipedia Quote about the stadium:
"The Santa Ynez Mountains can be seen beyond the outfield fence and southerly ocean breezes from the Pacific Ocean can be felt. The prevailing breeze off the ocean blows towards the outfield and makes the stadium a hitter friendly park, despite the fact its outfield fences are farther than many major league ballparks."

Fourth of July Fireworks

Located in Gersh Park, just south of the Camino Real Marketplace. Fireworks, live music, and bouncy castles. More information here. It is run by the rotary, and tickets are six dollars. Most people bring chairs or a blanket, and there are pictures from last year on the website.

Sabetta Matsumoto's hyperbolic Crochet class

A small class on how to make crocheted hyperbolic planes properly
Thursday, 5 July from 1:30-4pm
$5 per person for Yarn, max 10 people

Please sign up here:
Laura (I'm going to be 10-15 minutes late because of teaching... but I do know how to crochet, so hopefully I'll catch up quickly!)

Friday night dinner (tonight, 29th)

A bunch of us are going to dinner at Holdren's Grill, at the corner of Storke and Hollister. A group will depart KITP at 6:30pm by bicycle. Everyone is free to join. Presumably we'll arrive shortly before 6:50pm, so if you are going by another means that's a good time to arrive. The group contains at least Ryan, Gareth and Rob at present.

Group Dinner

Beach Party!!! Thursday June 28th

Our next group dinner will be a beach party west of Coal Oil Point in Goleta. The party will start at 5pm and end around 10pm. This will be more of a potluck than other dinners, so please bring your own food and drinks.

Do not forget to bring:
  • Flashlight - there are NO lights nearby (but likely a bright, waxing-quarter moon)
  • Food/Drinks (don't forget water)
  • Beach towels/blankets (we'll bring a few big beach towels from West Cottages to share)
  • Fleece/something to keep warm after sunset

There are two meeting points, the end of Ellwood Beach Drive (purple) and the corner of Stork and El Coligio (blue). Green line are walking paths,
blue and light blue biking lanes/paths.
Please sign up with your choice of meeting point- scroll down for more information.
MetaMap :)

Ellwood Beach Drive: This is accessible by car, bike (down Phelps Street), and bus (25 goes between UCSB North Hall and Hollister and Entrance Road).

Bike Directions:
bike map.jpg
Bus/Walking Directions:
Bus map.jpg

Stork and El Coligio: Bikes only, meet at 4:50P. We will bike to the tip of Coal Oil Point and then walk along the beach for about half a mile.
- Sabetta and Radmila (we will meet folks near tip of Coal Oil Point at 5P)
- Sandy
- Hridesh

Bike/Walking Directions:
bike map2.jpg

As present becomes past....

The party at Ellwood Beach was just west of where this bird enjoyed the moon a few days earlier....
A 1-loop Fotographer-diagram....
IMG_8270.jpgIMG_8272.jpg IMG_8273.jpgIMG_8275.jpg
An "impure" 3-braid (3 guys just milling around without bumping into each other but not returning to their initial ordering)!
Memories are stronger than photographs....

Default wiki recommendations/suggestions

Jazz & Folk Music

SB has but one place that features jazz and folk: SOhO Restaurant & Music Club .They have decent food if you want to eat before/during a performance.

Hiking around Santa Barbara

Sport Activities

Anyone interested in swimming/running (maybe biking if nice bikes available for renting) or playing some sports like table tennis or soccer at the Rec.Cen. of UCSB !? Drop a line here or pop up at my office

The Met: Live in HD

The Metropolitan Opera broadcasts HD simulcasts of operas to local theaters.
The next performance this Saturday morning is Verdi’s La Traviata, starring Natalie Dessay.
The live performance starts at 9:55am and is available at the historic Arlington Theater in downtown SB and, in a smaller venue at Hahn Hall at the Music Academy of the West in Montecito. It will be rebroadcast again at Hahn Hall at 6:00pm on Saturday and at 2:00pm on Sunday.